Child's body in sea in bag weighed down by anchor is 'girl kidnapped by dad'

Child's body in sea in bag weighed down by anchor is 'girl kidnapped by dad'


How did they find it 3000 feet below the ocean? I know they used a robot, but damn you'd think thats like finding a needle in a haystack.


They were searching the area where the killer's cell phone was last detected.


Phone geolocation ping. They really know where you are.


Weird how people still haven't figured this out. edit: Oh, and another neat trick. Powering down your phone doesn't fully power it down. It still pings cellular towers. =D You literally have to pull the battery out. Good luck on modern phones with batteries soldered in! ;)


Depending on the phone you have removing to battery can be dangerous too. I worked at a factory dedicated to repairing and refurbishing mobile phones and we all felt bad for the iPhone line as every desk had scorch Mark's from where the batterys had either exploded or nearly exploded from removal.


You can also wrap the phone with aluminum foil


And stuff it in your butt for that extra layer of protection


I believe your phone needs to be infected with some special spyware or Trojan first.


What? No. You’re literally carrying around a wiretap that tracks your location all the time and can be used to spy on you if one of the agencies wants. I mean, if anyone was actually worried about the government tracking them they would never have a cell phone, credit/debit card, bank account, etc.


On top of all that, most phones have a camera on both sides that are usually not covered, and a microphone. The NSA has never had it easier.


They know where your phone is. Top Tip: Don't take it with you when you commit a crime.


As humans decompose in water oils are given off and float to the surface, in the UK we have dogs trained to smell these oils on the surface of water and alert when detected.


I always wondered why they shove the body in a bag first; now I know.


It's so when it decomposes and starts to fall apart the pieces don't start floating to the surface individually


> humans decompose in water oils are given off and float to the surface The article claims that they found the remains visually with a remotely operated vehicle. And this second article in the link below tell us that dogs are limited to 30m depth. https://www.cbc.ca/news/science/cadaver-dogs-science-training-1.3654993 If you've got a source that says cadaver dogs can find remains at 3000ft (near on 1000m) I would love to read that please.


I didn't know that... I'll take a look, see if I can find anything .....and I don't see anything that suggests they can detect anything deeper than 30m. Interesting stuff.!


He got a covid vaccine and they were able to track his location anywhere anytime.


Still waiting on my 5G to kick in.


Not even slightly funny


A needle on Mars really.


So if you ever wondered if true evil existed, here you go.


There is the story of that dad who injected his son with HIV so he wouldn't have to pay child support. He belongs on that list.


Also the one about the dad who laced his kid's halloween candy with cyanide so he could get the life insurance money and pay off his debts. He also put it in the candy of some other kids in an attempt at a cover up (they didn't eat it and are safe).


And the one about the dad that created a prison in his basement so his daughter could "disappear" then raped her repeatedly and had 7 kids with her over 24 years. For more information Google "Josef Fritzl"


That’s beyond depressing. *sigh* take this sad upvote


If it makes you feel better the kid lives against the odds and is an adult motivational speaker.


Why yes, yes it does.


Chris Watts case is similar


I read the article for details on how they actually found the body figuring after the headline the worst was over >SPANISH authorities have confirmed the body found this afternoon in the ocean off Tenerife is “almost certainly” one of two sisters snatched by their fugitive father. >They also said the body - believed to be that of Olivia Gimeno, the missing six-year-old - was found in a sports bag more than 3,000 feet underwater and weighed down by an anchor, next to another empty sports bag. I was critically wrong.


I’ve done crazy all my life (drugs, thrown away jobs, law license and relationships, etc to name a few) but hurting children is another level of demon and one that honestly has to be a diminished mental capacity


Another perfect candidate to be launched from a trebuchet onto a brick wall. And in the off chance he does not die his crippled body should be tossed in a deep river.


Can we make trebuchet executions a thing? I'd watch that


I'd choose that over the needle. At least the launch would be fun before you die


Too fast death imo... Should be beat to pulp and let recover and over and over again beat his ass most cruesome ways imaginable... Fuck that monster


Give him the same treatment


They'll have to find him first, apparently he's missing as well and they found his boat empty.


Do you think that he also killed himself or that he is hiding somewhere?


I would say it looks like he took some steps toward concealment, I think he's on the run.


No way to know, though apparently he was transferring big sums of money between bank accounts beforehand so if I had to make a guess I'd say he's alive and hoping people conclude from the empty boat that he's dead. He would have had to have help, though -- and while it's one thing for a shady friend to agree to help you kidnap your daughters, it's one hell of another thing if said friend meets up with him and the daughters have mysteriously disappeared.


Spear gun to the gut and throw him in shark infested water :)


This man is a monster.


It's for things like this that I want to keep the death penalty around.


I think spending your life rotting in a cell is worse than dying


I'm torn between endless torture for the perp or quick death since taxpayers will have to foot the bill for a jail cell.


Maybe a tiny ass, chilly cell with nothing but rice, beans and water to eat and drink. And not the good beans. Limas.


While he certainly *deserves* to die, the death penalty inevitably kills innocent people which makes it always immoral. "Oh but *this time* we're sure!" is what every jury said before killing an innocent person


I know. I'm willing to put myself at risk to get rid of subhuman scum like this.


Are the legal fees associated with death penalty not a concern?


Please elaborate.


There's an argument that a person who is sentenced to death cost the public more because of the appeals. There's some validity to that argument but it assumes that a person in prison for life doesn't also appeal, nor does it factor in the cost of keeping a person incarcerated for an additional 20-50 years. It's really hard to compare but my personal belief is that it's not more expensive.


Why kill him quickly? Cut him in the ass let some bot flies lay eggs and have the maggots eat him alive. Make sure to give him food and water don’t want him to die of thirst or hunger cause that would be cruel.


I think they should give him the old roman punishment of being sewn into a bag with live animals and then thrown into the river. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Poena_cullei


That's fucking stupid. Don't go drowning animals.


What if they were bad animals like a misogynistic skunk or a racist squirrel or that stingray that killed Steve Irwin, (oh wait you can’t drown a sting ray) You’re right of course I wouldn’t want to hurt animals really that would suck.


Tbh the stingray was just defending itself from some random creature possibly trying to eat it. That was 100% Steve Irwins own fault.


And Steve's ghost would *defend* the stingray if it existed. That's the kind of person Steve was.


Yup I agree totally he was the finest kind.


Bucket. Rats. If you know you know.


Only way to go is down


Blowtorch intensifies


Man. That's some assortment of animals in that wiki link a dog, snake, monkey, and a chicken or rooster


Probably best chance is to team up with the dog and hope you get a chicken instead of a rooster. Maybe the monkey if he cracks wise and smokes a cigar


What kind of snake I wonder. Probably not a friendly one. A horrible way to go. All the way to lights out it seems there would be extremely loud chaos. Just a screaming ruckus. Plus having the largest surface area in the bag for biting down on.


Why did you get downvoted? Seems good to me


Probably because it would hurt innocent animals pollute the river and waste a perfectly good sack


True, true.


I'm more partial to The Boats as a form of punishment for this monster myself. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scaphism


Wouldn’t the animals just drown too? Are they supposed to be attacking the person in the sack?


They would but this is a punishment thought up by people who had no qualms about exposing infants on trash heaps. I don't think they were too worried about any random snakes or dogs.


Yes I assume that they believed the animals would try to escape in a frenzy and therefore be a terrible way to go.